It was you that lifted my head up when 

My esteem was running low. 

You may not be blood related but your

Love for me never fails to show

A lot of us, whether queer or otherwise 

Find people that just get us- and 

Support us cause they are our tribe

Family looks different in many forms

You can choose them by who 

Matters to you- and who treats your 

Heart with genuine warmth. 

You may include some from roots of

Your genetic line- but this is something 

That you get to choose.. of

importance that you define. 

When a “loved one” judges or disowns you for the way you identify….

When your soul has been crushed by someone who thrives to hurt you- to 

see you cry…

It’s okay to walk away from all that toxic energy. Cause-

You deserve to connect with humble beings that affirm who you are


Trust is earned- not given away freely 

Life is precious- 

Cherish moments with those who 

Bring you glee. 

I’ll say a prayer for for the ones you need

To always be there for you! And throughout it all,

I hope your self love grows tall 

To shield you while others have your back

…showing you you’re not alone in this-

They’ll pick up the slack. 

Be proud of who you are despite 

Whoever’s in your circle of clout. 

One day at a time- keep living in love-

Letting no one snuff your 

Peace of mind out!

Sending you hope, joy, prosperity and

Warm vibes for connections

Here and those to come. 

May you thrive with the ones who lift you up to shine- 

Bright as the the glistening, rising sun!!!

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